Three Things | Signs it Might be Time to Move on from a Job

Simply Euphoric_Three Things_Signs it might be time to move on from a job.

Have you ever felt like you literally are up against a wall, career wise and there is no where to go? No one to turn to? Nothing new to learn, and no more advancement possibilities available within your role? Well, this is a sign, a sign that changes need to be made in your life to better suit you and the lifestyle you want to attain and live career wise.

Resigning from a job can be tough, very tough. Especially when at one point you never in a million years thought you would want to leave. Building positive relationships with colleagues, and continuing a professional connection is something that can last a lifetime. You never want to burn any bridges with former employees. Hey, you never know if a opportunity to work together will come up in the future. But you also do not want to ignore the signs that are being fed into your body, mind and spirit. I have come to find that there are so many warning signs when a career change is needed. Here are my top three signs that I feel are very relatable.

You are in a creative rut.

In a creative role it is not hard to feel like your creativity is lacking. Especially when you are routinely doing the same type of work day in and day out. Repetition can not only get tedious, but can cause major blockages in the flow of your creative juices. If you feel like you are literally capable of handling your workload in your sleep — it may be time for a role that requires more responsibility.

You feel there is no more knowledge to acquire.

When starting in an entry level position you will literally need to go in the gate ready to learn and acquire ALL the knowledge that will help you succeed in your position. There will always be a very huge learning curve. Whether you had formal training or not, you will have to take your knowledge and tailor it to the needs and wants of the company you are employed with. Once you become seasoned in your role many tasks will become second nature to you. For some people this is the best feeling in the world, others would rather acquire more knowledge and practices that will continue to allow us to excel in our career paths.

There is no room for advancement.

There is a difference between feeling like you have a job versus a career. I think that at a job, you know what to expect and your day to day routine is pretty comfortable and consistently the same. At a job, you have either worked your way up the hierarchical ladder or there are unfortunately no promotional offers for your role. This can happen especially if you work for a small company. With a career, I think that there is always more room to advance. Within your knowledge of a position, within a company, or within a industry, with a career there will always be something new you can get your hands into. Now, I am not saying there is anything wrong with having a steady J-O-B but always know that we as humans are capable of much more than we allow ourselves to achieve and we do not have to get so comfortable in a position that we do not try to exceed our own expectations.

Never become complacent in your life. With your career, relationships or any aspect that you feel like you can achieve more, never settle. Know that you are capable of finding or creating advancement toward achieving your life wants, needs and goals!

Have a great day everyone!



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