13 Ways…..

13 Ways to Practice Self Love

It is very important to show love, empathy, and appreciation to those that add value to our lives. Whether it be our family, friends, a co-worker, a mentor, or even a stranger we try our best to show respect and love to everyone we encounter. Well, at least I do.

But, what do we truly do on a regular basis for ourselves. I know that something I struggle with and probably always will have a challenge with, is putting myself first.

I want to try to do more for me in 2018. Give some good self-love right back to myself. For some (including me) adding time to show yourself love is actually a difficult task. Anyone recall the saying, “we make time for what we want to make time for”? Well guys, it’s true! We are important! We need to do more for ourselves and make sure that we are number one on our things and people we love list!

With that being said, here and 13 things I plan to add or continue with in my regimen to show myself more self-love:

1. Allow yourself to take a break.

Don’t think you have to be doing something ALL the time. Every weekend or every free second you get should not be filled with some activity that can create pressure around getting ready, being somewhere on time, or hell making you have to leave your house. You don’t have to do anything! Be happy on a Saturday afternoon having plans to literally read all day.


2. Eat not only healthy, but mindfully.

Be conscious of what you are putting into your body. It is the only one we have, please take care of it. I am not saying never treat yourself, but be mindful of what types of food you are putting into your body and how long it can take for those foods to circulate out of our intestines and blood streams. Reduce processed intake but still enjoy a treat every once in a while. Moderation is key! Now days, vegan and dairy free options are popping up in more and more stores throughout the United States, which is awesome. Try a vegan pizza or a dairy free ice cream option once in a while.


3. Express your feelings.

If something is bothering you, say it. If someone is messing with your peace, tell them, if you miss someone, call! I touched on this a little when I wrote an addition to my Three Things series. Check out that post here: Three Things: I Plan to Leave in 2017 . Stop holding on to feelings that are not adding good attributes to the peace you want you to create for your life. Create your vibe and execute! Let nothing you have the power to control destroy your peace.


4. Write an accomplishments list.

It is not vain to be proud of yourself. Write what you accomplished in 2017 and soak it in! Be proud of who you are, what you have accomplished and all you still want to achieve.


5. Express gratitude.

Just as it’s beneficial to keep track of what we’ve accomplished, it’s also great to notice what we have. Keep a journal by your bed, and note the things that you feel lucky to have. Everything from a full fridge to a loving partner are worthy of being noted.


6. Get more active.

Take a long walk or jog and just be. Take in nature, take in the atmosphere, take in how the outdoors makes you feel and be present in the moment.


7. Do more of what makes you happy.

For me this would be writing, painting/drawing and cooking. Do more. There is always more that we can do in the activities that make us happy. I have not painted in forever! I need to definitely add that to my list.


8. Create Something.

This can refer to all types of outlets. Whether you want to write a poem, paint a picture, or bake cookies get out there and CREATE!


9. Declutter.

Take an hour out of your day and just declutter. Clean out your closet, delete old contacts in your phone, go as far as to delete people out of your life. Do not allow anything or anyone to stay that is no longer serving a positive purpose in your life.


10. Turn your phone off.

I think this is pretty self explanatory. Everyone can do better with this. I hate going to the park or a mall and seeing children running around aimlessly while their parent or caretaker is literally glued to their phone. Be more present, put the phone down. Actually talk to people at the dinner table, or gatherings. What you are looking at I am sure you can wait.


11. Meditate. (Transcendental Meditation)

This is something that will be brand new to me. But I am in love with mantras and affirmations so this will just take that love one step further and force me to really dig deep and take a few minutes to just be still, present and patient with my thoughts.


12. Write yourself a love letter.

I mean who has not written some type of letter in the past. High school notes (they count),  a letter to an overseas friend or a pen pal? I have never written to myself outside of journaling, and I think I want to start writing myself a love letter every year! I want to continue to encourage myself and make sure I am not forgetting all the amazing accomplishments and trials I have overcome.


13. Throw yourself a party.

Hahahaa, this is number 13 for a reason! Get a big bottle of wine (or bourbon – favvvv) some snacks, order pizza, watch your favorite movie, (Sex and the City or the Other Woman for the 300th time), or invite your favorite person/s over and cuddle the night away! Just be. Be in the moment, be present, be aware, BE YOU and live!


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