My First Ever Digital Vision Board | 2018

Vision Board 2018

Rounding out this first week back to work in 2018 has me shook! I tell you SHOOK! I have not been on time or felt on my a-game all week, and I just feel tired. The holidays really take a lot out of you, because they definitely got to me! Kuddos to those that are still off work relaxing. You definitely had the right idea. However, with my lack of feeling awesome starting off the year, I still wanted to feel accomplished this week outside of marking items off my to-do list at work (the list is a mile long! LITERALLY). I wanted to do something for myself to kick off the year and give me a boost or kick in the right direction!

With all my social media friends posting their vision boards for 2018 I was like hey, why not. I have never created a vision board and it seems like such an amazing thing to do and especially nice since I am such a visual person. Being me, naturally I wanted to tackle this project a little differently than what I have seen and I decided on a digital version.

With this digital vision board I want to place it in a space where I see it often. I will be able to save the image on every device I own and see it everywhere, on the go, and at anytime! This will keep my spirits high and my goals and wants for the year fresh in my mind. I think that creating a sacred space that displays what we want can actually help bring those things to life. When we focus on something it expands and lays anchor in our minds therefore creating the framework that we build upon for achievement.

Vision Board 2018_just images

“This will keep my spirits high and my goals and wants for the year fresh in my mind”

My vision board is not only goals I want to reach but things I want to continue to feel and do. I want to vacation more and worry less. I want to continue to feel loved and appreciated by those that are important to me, I want to continue building on my relationship with the Lord, I want to crush my student debt and make as many extra payments as I can, and I want to continue saving money… upon other things.

I think creating a vision board will become something I do every year! It feels great to be able to look at the images and know what goals and feelings I want in the new year. Did any of you guys make vision boards this year? What were some of your goals or wants?

Cheers to a great year!



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