Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Awwww….the golden question to be answered on this golden day. What are you thankful for? All the kids activities at school are surrounded by colorful leaves and “I am thankful for….” notes.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE thanksgiving and all that it stands for, I mean I also make a mean array of pies. But, I do not need a Holiday to remind me to acknowledge how thankful I am, or about all the things I am thankful for.

Being almost to the big 3-0 (I just freaked out a smidget – absolutely an Audrieism word) I think I look at each day as an opportunity to show and acknowledge all the things, situations, and people I am thankful for. I even have an alert to make myself write down things I am grateful for each morning. I talked about that here.

I am thankful for all the obvious things that people usually say – you know…family, love, life, shelter, food… – but I am also thankful for more specific moments that I think shape the person I am and will continue to become.

I am thankful for the fact that my boyfriend’s son actually seems excited to see me, I am thankful my niece tells me my hair is pretty, I am thankful my mother calls me everyday even if it is for no reason at all, I am thankful for the way my boyfriend can calm me down with just his voice…I am thankful my mother passed her love of cooking down to me and now I can share those meals with my little blended family, I am thankful my little brother took the leap and finally opened his own business…I am thankful my sister is working to find a passion in life that not only provides for her and her daughter, but drives her to be a better person. I am thankful my father is able to travel to and from work safely each day for the past almost 26 years, I am thankful my nephew is learning to love sports (honestly he has no choice because we are ALL sports lovers – but he chose to accept it and thrive – kuddos).

I am thankful! But not just for situations that are happening in my life, or things people would even care about. But, I am thankful for all the situations that are happening in the lives of those I love and adore!

What are you truly thankful for? When thinking of the answer, don’t ever feel as though you have to be thankful for what people expect you to be thankful for. We all have one life to live. Live life to the fullest and live it honestly, be thankful for what you know will positively shape your life and you will never go wrong.





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