New Week, New Monday, New Goals

Happy Monday everyone! As usual I will start this week off using my Weekly Planner and adding a quote or mantra to hopefully guide and keep my spirits up for these two super busy days I am about too have. Only working two days sounds amazing right, but it also gives me major anxiety because I have to cram a week’s worth of meetings and work into two days. So, instead of a quote, I decided to go with a mantra to get me through this longggg two day week. “I am grounded, I am capable, I will achieve great things.”

Over the weekend I attended Artasana at 21c Museum Hotel Yoga + Art + Brunch + Mimosas event with my friend Ali. The event was held in the basement portion of the 21c Museum and Hotel in Downtown Louisville. 21c is based out of Louisville, KY and now has locations in Lexington, KY, Oklahoma City, and Nashville, TN, just to name a few. The popularity of this Museum/Hotel has elevated over the years and allowed it to be voted among the top 10 hotels in the world for the Readers Choice Awards three years in a row. Although I have not yet experienced an overnight stay in the facility I hope to have a stay-cation there very very soon. I have however, explored the diverse and captivating art that they display, and I must say, it never disappoints.


The event, which was an hour-long Vinyasa yoga class led by two Soul Cleanse teachers, was truly amazing, and I have to admit the ladies put us through one hell of a workout! We definitely got a good sweat in, and I am feeling the aftermath. DJ Sam Sneed hit us with a great playlist and a well known local artist created a piece of live art that was auctioned off at the end of class. Besides being surrounded by beautiful art, and like minded yoga lovers, multiple vendors sold clothing, candles, bracelets and all kind of yoga inspired gear.

After our amazing Vinyasa flow we were able to retreat upstairs to mingle with guests and enjoy all the museum had to offer before heading to the quaint and super adorable restaurant connected to the museum, Proof on Main, to order brunch and enjoy a complimentary mimosa.

I must say, this was a Sunday morning well spent, and definitely got me ready to tackle this super short, yet tough week I have ahead of me. I have fallen in love with Yoga and meditation. I am not saying I am great at either, but the concept of connecting with self on an almost molecular level, has given me the encouragement to keep at it and master my practice. One thing the ladies that taught the class kept reminding us was to keep going and not worry about what anyone else was doing around us. We are all amazing beings and capable of amazing things! As I end this post with my mantra once more I want everyone to really feel the words as they say them to bring in a new week!

“I am grounded, I am capable, I will achieve great things.”

I hope everyone has a great week!


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