Compassion…The Best Gift of All

Quote_6The holiday season is here, and I must say, life can seem to get pretty chaotic during this “oh so happy time”. For some,  (the lucky ones) this Holiday season is all about, family, love, fun, gifts, food and gathering. But for many others, this season only brings them to the realization of love lost, funds disarray, and that thing called life…that seems to want to act unruly every now and then.

As people, we can all do more to show compassion towards others. Show kindness, caringness and willingness to help others. How many times have we heard that cliche statement, it is the little things? Yet, I think nothing rings more true. You never know if that cranky woman at the market just lost a loved one, or a job, or, is fighting an illness. You don’t know if your supervisor or colleague is dealing with issues financially or mentally. We will never know the true depths of anyone else’s life.

Be the light in someone’s life this Holiday season. Gifts come in varieties of packages, and many can not be bought. Help a stranger to their car with groceries, lend a hand and open the door for someone that does not necessarily need the help.  Tell a colleague that they look nice or that they did great on their presentation, give a compliment to a complete stranger, ask someone how they are doing and really listen if they need to talk.

Smile at someone you don’t know, or be random like me and strike up a convo in the movie line with a stranger about how cold it is and see where the conversation takes you. That random conversation ended with a laugh and a Happy Thanksgiving from someone I will probably never see again. But I do know, I felt as though I made his day just a little brighter, and that, at least for me, was an amazing feeling.

Give someone a gift that money can’t buy this holiday season. You can show others you care in many ways. So, I challenge everyone, to go out and do something for someone just to see the smile on their face ,or the gratitude in their eyes. Because for me, that is what the Holiday season should really be about.

Have a great weekend!




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