New Monday, New Week, New Goals


I am enjoying writing these Monday posts. I love just starting (trying – at least) to start my week on the right side of my head. Yes, I said head…I always let things that do not and should not matter take up too much of my headspace (avid over thinker – at best) and I love just taking a breath and letting things go and starting fresh. My Monday ritual of writing out my mantra or quote of the week on on my Weekly Planner allows me to do just that.

Tomorrow me and my boyfriend and going on a road trip and I CAN NOT WAIT. It isn’t the most opportune time for us to be going out of town (car issues and can’t forget…the Holiday season). But he reminded me of the moments we will share and how we couldn’t miss this opportunity to do what we are doing and I must say I wholeheartedly agree!

I will be writing a post ALL about the trip so keep your eyes open! If you follow my personal instagram feed you will probably feel like you are there with me and I hope you enjoy it! And, if you don’t…hey, send me a request! Link is in the footer! I will probably accept you. =0)

This weeks quote made me think a lot about situations and how I personally play a part in them. We can not think that when less than fortunate situations (nice way to say arguments) arise we can put all the blame on the other person. That is not connecting with self. I feel that we have to connect with self to truly understand that NO ONE is perfect. Everyone plays a part in, EVERYTHING! Whether things arise in families, relationships, friendships, job relationships, we all are in some way a part of the problem AND the solution!

With that, I want to challenge everyone to take the time to acknowledge what they can do to connect better with self and your own vulnerabilities. We all have vulnerabilities and that is what makes us unique. When we stop feeling the need to point fingers is when I think we can truly feel a connection with self. And honestly, that is all I strive for in life! Connecting with self and embarking on my quest of love, light and happiness! Cheesy I know…but hey it’s my life…I make the rules and I am writing the pages in this book. Hope you like them!





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