Three Things: Cold Weather Essentials

Happy Friday everyone! Welcome to what I call, the best/worst day of the week. Best part: it’s the end of the work week… worst part: it’s the end of the work week. So much that I still have to do, and so little time!

But I know one thing. I AM excited for the weekend and ready to just chill at home, make hot chocolate, watch all the football and basketball games and my fav: snuggle. My boyfriend’s son is home this weekend so I say we make some rice krispie treats too! He loves them, but I mean who doesn’t! And that gives us a great excuse to use some of that jumbo bag of marshmallows I have in the cabinet.

But in the spirit of this colllllllldddd Friday (the high is literally only 42 degrees – BS) I wanted to do a small roundup of some cold weather items I think every girl needs. I tend to gravitate towards a more minimalistic wardrobe once the weather hits snowman…so check out some of my picks below.


I am very into midi and longline coats right now. The longer the better.

Wrap Coat Longline Oversized Coat 

Blanket Scarves

A scarf that actually keeps me warm and doubles as blanket! YES PLEASE.

Scarf Scarf-2 Scarf-3

Black Ankle Boots

I have too many pairs to name. But I always find myself wearing at least five different pairs a week. You can never go wrong with black ankle boots or any ankle boot!

boots_1 Boots ankle book

Comment below and let me know what some of your winter essentials are?

Have a great weekend everyone!


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