November Beauty Box with Target

I have become addicted to curated boxes and bags! The great thing about getting a curated package is the luxury of not wasting money on items that you don’t love! Curated packages come with fun sample sized/quantity items that allow you to have all the benefits of the merchandise and basically none of the commitment!  However, if you end up loving an item at that point you can then get the full size version, and if not you don’t feel awful for spending 15 bucks on a lotion or face wash you hate.

This was my first time trying the Target beauty box, and I must say…they hit the nail on the head! I am very excited to try out the products I received and am sure I will be re-upping on a lot of the items soon!  Target also sent a cute note with some coupons on the back…I love me some coupons!

If you are interested and want to buy the November Target Beauty Box it is still available now! But it will sell out so buy one today! And get this….IT IS ONLY $7!!! SEVEN BUCKS! I used my target red debit card and also saved 5% which made my total literally $7.05. The best money I spent all month! You can buy month to month…skip a month…or subscribe for the year! I LOVE IT so far and I think this beauty box will be added to the monthly rotation.



Let me know if you all try out the Target Beauty Box anytime soon!

Happy humpday!!!!!!








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