New Monday, New Week, New Goals

Image of All Three.jpg

I love to start my week off with a mantra or quote that I put on the weekly planner I made for myself a while ago just to get organized at work. Now I do have a love for little baby planners that I can tote around with me in my purse. but for work I wanted something very simple! So a one pager sounded like a great plan to me!

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This quote caught my attention this morning and what better way to document it than to use it for my Mantra/Quote of the week!

Writing out priorities, goals, to do’s and all the projects I need to get done throughout the work week has REALLY helped me stay organized and on task.

I am a VERY visual person, and learner. So seeing lists of what I need to prioritize during the workweek is something that has made my work days smoother, my attitude more positive, and my ability to not take on too many “can you help me with this” projects, at once. And, well, don’t forget the third cup of tea I am on…but we won’t get into that too much, but that definitely aids in my “Monday Rituals” as well!

If you want to download a weekly planner and use it, PLEASE DO! I forgot I made more than one option! So download away! Let me know if use it.

PDF’s are below:

Have a great week!



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