New Monday, New Week, New Goals


Created by Cristina Martinez of June and Mars w: | ig: @sew_trill

“Despite knowing they won’t be here for long they still choose to live their brightest lives.”
               – Rupi Kaur

Ahhhh what a Monday it has been thus far. I am always a little reluctant to act like a positive patty on Monday’s because…well let’s face it. I AM NOT. I don’t enjoy waking up early…I don’t enjoy being forced to look presentable…and I am for sure not a fan of this like 39 degree weather. BUT, I will say, regardless of the attitude I have towards the start of the week, once I am up and actually put out the effort to get my day started on the right foot, I find myself feeling thankful.

I am thankful that God allowed me to wake up this morning, I am thankful that I was able to send off my boyfriend with food to eat while he is at work, I am thankful to have talked to my family, and I am thankful to have a job that I actually enjoy doing (90% of the time – lol).

Rather than sulking in what we don’t want to do, we should be thankful for what we get to do. On any day your attitude will set the tone, make it a tone that makes each day worthwhile! And, no, everyday is not going to be like this, but I will always try to choose to make as many days as beautiful as I can in this life I have been given. Life comes at you fast! Live one that will be worth remembering.


Happy Monday!

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