What Matters Most is How Well you Walk Through The Fire.

This morning I had the pleasure of attending Creative Mornings Louisville. Creative Mornings is a breakfast lecture series for the creative community that is set up once a month throughout the world where creative minds come together to network, enjoy coffee and breakfast, and enjoy 30 awesome minutes of dialogue from a local guest speaker. Check out their website for more info on meetings in a city near you:  creativemorings.com

Today we heard from, Sam Cruz, Owner of Against the Grain Brewery. WhaAgainst the Grain | Brewery & Smokehouset makes Against the Grain unique is they are the only Brewery in Louisville that offers almost 50 different beers a YEAR! Unheard of stuff.  “You will never have the same beer twice.” They also are known for their wild and creative designs and imagery that appear on their products.


Now, although I am not (and probably never will be) a beer drinker, Sam gave us some amazing insight about his work ethic and how after seven yearMalts, he is proud to be reaping all the success he dreamed of. And, as he kept

Hopmentioning, his F*** THAT attitude about how others perceived his dreams and goals has only fueled his fire and surged his passion to work harder.

“F***THAT, there are no rules as you move forward into the unknown, but don’t go unprepared.” We can move through life with all the motivation and intention in the world, but do not think that everything will go as planned. Never give up! You WILL mess up, things will get tough, but regardless KEEP MOVING FORWARD! You don’t even have to let anyone know you are going through tough times, learn from your mistakes and keep going. Don’t let that bump does shape the rest of your journey. Know there is always more to learn, more to give, and more to achieve in all aspects of life. And in Audrie fashion, I will close with a cute quote that makes me feel happy and smile.

“What Matters Most is How Well you Walk Through The Fire”

        -charles bukowski




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