“i want to be so complete…i could light a whole city, and then, i want to have you, cause the two of  us combined could set it on fire.”

Ever heard that saying “self-love is the best love?” Well….I think it took me forever to really realize that not only was it true, but that it is actually necessary to survive.

We have to realize that no one can love us more than ourselves, that as human beings in the beautiful bodies God has given us, we will show the most genuine love to ourselves, better than any love anyone else could give us. I feel at that point, then, and only then, will we realize that the love of others is a mere guest in our fortress of solitude and self-worth.

Don’t ever think of yourself as less than anyone else, or less without anyone else. Our self-worth should not be based off of how people treat us or who chooses to stay in our lives. This includes jobs and family as well. None of that truly matters until we know what we are worth, and can truly say and feel we have a great relationship with self.

The connection we create with our mind, body and spirit is the only thing that should shape our lives. And at that point, we can welcome others into our space so that they can feel the love exuberating from our souls.

“Today will be a great day!”







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