How to Say Sorry Without Saying “SORRY”


In this realm of life…it always seems like everyone feels the need to apologize for things that may not really require an apology. Saying sorry has become so second nature that we say it in the most awkward, stupid or unworthy times. Yes, I said unworthy.

I want to make it a task of mine to stop apologizing for things that don’t need apologies. Don’t apologize for waiting to answer an email until you have the solution, answer or simply the want to reply (if it is time sensitive don’t be a prick though, you can answer…lol). Don’t apologize for not reading a text as fast as you were expected to. Hell, don’t apologize for being late to dinner or an event. I promise, you can say sorry without actually saying “ SORRY”.

And this is how….instead of saying, “Sorry for such a late response”, simply say “Thank you for waiting for my response.” Instead of saying, “Sorry for being late”. Just say.. “Thank you for waiting for me, I left out later than expected”. Instead of saying, “Sorry I was not able to help.” Just say…”Thank you for asking me to help, although I was not able to.”

Finding a way to say “sorry” without saying it is just as genuine as saying those two super important (by society’s standards) words, and won’t make you seem like a fuck up that needs to say “I’m sorry” five billion times a day! Just saying. Word choice saves the dayyyyyyyy.



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