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I have a reminder set to write down three things I am grateful for everyday. I used to keep up with this so well when I first started. But now I seem to find myself skipping over or deleting the reminder before I event stop to think about anything I am grateful for.

I wonder, did I write that reminder when I was feeling low or did I write it when I was feeling full. There are so many things in life that people go through that they never talk about. I, like many others, have had those moments.

Yes I am grateful for God waking me up this morning and shining his light on me and all those in my life. But what am I really grateful for? My mother just called my work phone, for nothing lol. As she usually does EVERYDAY….and you know what…I am so grateful for that!

I am grateful I got to talk to my father over text this morning to just say good morning and to make sure he made it to work safely, we do this EVERYDAY!  I am grateful my sister called to just let me know what was going on in her day so far, as she does at least three times a week. I am grateful I was able to send Kameron off to work with a kiss this morning as he touched me before he left and I yelled to him not to take my breadsticks as his lunch. Lol…he is greedy.

I don’t want to be grateful for things or just people in my life. I want to be grateful for moments. Moments that I get to share with those I love and hopefully moments I and the ones I share them with remember forever. Being grateful and knowing why you are grateful can be so hard sometimes.

But once you realize it is the little things we can be grateful for….nothing else matters.

What are some things you all are grateful for?

Have a wonderful day!


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